he told me I have a tough placenta
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Ugly Duckling
"Be brave enough to be yourself and be good to each other" - Jennifer Morrison

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this picture tells my whole life story


this picture tells my whole life story


There are two sides to every story.

#comiccon2014 #onceupontimeseason 4 here we come San Diego! @lanaparrilla & @colinodonoghue1 (x)

#comiccon2014 #onceupontimeseason 4 here we come San Diego! @lanaparrilla & @colinodonoghue1 (x)


Maybe that’s why Rumple’s curtains are nailed down; sick of looking at Zelena pressed to the window moaning “WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME” 

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when you only got three hours sleep but gotta get up to go to school




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victimizedbyreginamills replied to your post: I served on a Grand Jury for 20 days a…

they wrote curtis on mine, my last name is curti :-/

it’s so annoying because it was right on every other thing that had my name!! It’s like they didn’t even try!

I served on a Grand Jury for 20 days and all I got was a certificate with my name spelled wrong. 👌#JuryDuty #ItWasRightOnEveryOtherDocument #WhatsUpWithThat #rude

I served on a Grand Jury for 20 days and all I got was a certificate with my name spelled wrong. 👌#JuryDuty #ItWasRightOnEveryOtherDocument #WhatsUpWithThat #rude

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Emma Swan in Every Episode

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I just want to know if there was anyone who spoke up and said this sounds inappropriate. 

I just want to know if there was anyone who spoke up and said this sounds inappropriate. 


i dont understand how i can get so much joy from covering my pets with blankets and watching the lump move around


When you realize that someone is only being nice to you because they want something



me as hell

In which I have an Emma Swan thought 




Emma told Henry she was put back into the foster system at age 3 because the family she was with had their own child right? Then she was bounced around from home to home until age 18ish.

I was thinking about this, probably too much today. Emma would have been this adorable little blonde cherub with no physical or neurological problems, no parents in the picture, no court cases and red tape surrounding her. So really, she would have been a prime candidate for adoption, much like the little girl at the start of the finale.
So I gathered a theory. What if the reason for all these moves was that she was displaying magic without realising it, and her families were getting spooked? Even in lands without magic, adult Emma made the lights flicker when she gave birth, and made the power lines spark in Storybrooke when she slammed the car door out of frustration when she first arrived (and got the clock started). So, what if child Emma was doing the same thing and that’s what was sending her back to group homes but she never knew why?
And then another thought, what if the Snow Queen (is she officially going to be named Elsa btw?) either as friend or foe, helps Emma to realise that it wasn’t her that got rejected all those times, it was peoples own fears of the unknown. A land without magic can turn on you if you possess it.

Or maybe I just described Tom Riddle. 

No but this is exactly what I’ve been thinking happened since SEASON 3 STARTED AND WE SAW THE BIRTH SCENE!

Because honestly, as horrible as it sounds, cute little blond girls are the most desirable children to adopt (from studies) and Emma was just that. And as you said above, she would have no red tape, no birth parents, no nothing keeping her from being adopted. So the only logical reason she wasn’t? She was spooking people. 

Emma was the kind of kid people want to adopt. Very young, a girl, blonde, cute, etc etc. So why did she keep getting bumped from home to home? Maybe because when Emma’s emotions are running high the lights start to flicker? Maybe when baby Emma cried the power sparked and electricity went out from too much power?

Maybe because when Emma had strong emotions, her magic came out even in a land without magic. Maybe that’s why she ended up being so good at schooling her emotions, maybe that’s why she has such high walls, because her emotions caused people to reject her because her emotions brought forth magic, and that freaks most normal people out.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying. It makes a lot of sense.

Also it gives us a reason to see little Emma flashbacks. So yeah. I want those.

fuck me! I love these theories. Though I always felt it was because it was her fate to end up EXACTLY where she did in order to meet Neal and from that point forward everything started unraveling: Neal, jail, Henry, Regina, storybrooke, then Henry goes and find her and BAM everything came full circle with the prophecy and Rumple’s plans.

That’s what I thought this post was going to be about at first lol but i’m liking the theory of Emma’s displaying some sort of magic as well.